Saturday, December 19, 2009

My heroines do their own fighting...

I must add my response to Porpoise's very funny lolcats post concerning the whole Twilight phenomenon. I, too, was sucked up into the Twilight books (and spread it around a bit), but never quite got over the feeling that I was doing something quite unhealthy and would need to purge/purify myself after all was said and done.

Luckily, some wonderful folks on the net put together a suitable cleansing response from a thirty-something to all these Twihards:

While you're all "OMG, are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?," I remain (forever and always) Team Buffy. In Whedon vs. Meyer, isn't it a little like slaughtering kittens - mopey, sad-eyed, slightly annoying Mormon kittens?

Now go read The Hunger Games, for heaven's sake. Or start your kids on The Paper Bag Princess. We are the Book Mavens, aren't we? READ.

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