Monday, September 28, 2009

Vacations are good for reading

A two week stretch with grandparents made for some very good reading time. And the reintroduction of a commute means more consistent reading time now that we're back from the States. I'm up to #41, and need to head back to the library...

* These books will be addressed further in a separate post, as these ladies have renewed my faith in scientists' ability to write.

41. The Conjurer's Bird - Martin Davies
40. The Edge of the World - Kevin J. Anderson
39. Revenant - Tristan Hughes
38. The Gun Seller - Hugh Laurie
37. Pegesus Descending - James Lee Burke
36. Oxygen - Carla Cassella*
35. March Violets/The Pale Criminal - Phillip Kerr
34. Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club - Dorothy Sayers
33. Sons of Heaven - Kage Baker
32. Still Alice - Lisa Genova*
31. Man with the Golden Torc - Simon Green
30. Neverwhere - Neil Gaiman
29. Lost in a Good Book - Jasper Fforde
28. Zodiac - Neal Stephenson
27. Pariah - Dave Zeltserman
26. A Secret Alchemy - Emma Darwin
25. The River of Doubt: Theodore Roosevelt's Darkest Journey - Candice Millard (my non-fiction loving, science fiction dissing other half recommended this one. It was awesome)
24. The Secret History - Donna Tartt
23. Just One Bite - Kimberly Raye (oh my God the drivel. This book made me stupider)
22. Iron Council - China Mieville (the fact that I now live in the same town as this man makes me weak in the knees)
21. Spook Country - William Gibson
20. Are Men Necessary? - Maureen Dowd (Christmas present) (Look Ma! Non-fiction!)
19. Nowhere to Go - Lee Childs
18. Pigs in Heaven - Barbara Kingsolver
17. To Say Nothing of the Dog - Connie Willis (a perennial favorite)
16. Whiskey and Water - Elizabeth Bear
15. The Alton Gift - Marion Zimmer Bradley and Deborah J. Ross
14. Dragon Singer - Anne McCaffrey
13. The Bull from the Sea - Mary Renault March
12. Careless in Red - Elizabeth George
11. New Amsterdam - Elizabeth Bear
10. In the Moon of Red Ponies - James Lee Burke
9. A Different Light - Elizabeth Lynn
8. Little Brother - Cory Doctorow
7. Darwinia - Robert Charles Wilson
6. Undertow - Elizabeth Bear (I needed some aliens to recover from the overload of teenage vampire hormonal angst and wizard vs. werewolf shenanigans)
5. Fool Moon - Jim Butcher
4. Breaking Dawn - Stephanie Meyer (phew!)
3. Eclipse - Stephanie Meyer
2. New Moon - Stephanie Meyer
1. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Steig Larsson, translated from Swedish by Reg Keeland.

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